And the winner is: iPhone!

…for the contest of  “highest total repairs by students” in the Restart Center. In our first month of launch, we’ve repaired 15 iPhones with students. We’ve run into bumps and lumps, and a lot of unwieldy cables, but the Restart Center is picking up steam. Check out our latest progress over at iFixit.  A few things we’ve learned through the flood of iPhone repairs:

  • You need to keep the original home button with the device, or Touch ID won’t work;
  • You should do a hard reset (10 seconds of home and power button) after a repair;
  • If Touch ID doesn’t work after a screen replacement, try resetting the network settings;
  • The cable in the iPhone5 is very sensitive and in an awkward location, be very careful when opening the phone;
  • Order the entire display, the extra $20 is well spent and  you’ll save yourself  hours of repair time trying to get the camera and microphone to work properly;
  • Salvage everything from the old phone, those screws will be very handy in the future and you never know when you need a home button cable;
  • Invest in a magnetic project mat or keep excellent track of your screws;
  • Putting the wrong length screw in a hole can destroy the logic board; and
  • Sometimes the hardest part of the repair is getting the suction cup to stick to the phone!



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