iPhone 6 & 6S repairs suspended due to Error 53

The recent iOS 9 security update has caused some scrambling for our Restart Center volunteers and students. We are still determining the scope of the issue, but we’ve  sent the note below to students to proactively prevent students from experiencing Error 53. Even if the security update is primarily tied to the TouchID feature, there have been reports of other repairs, such as LCD replacements, resulting in an error.  On the upside, this will lead to more conversations with students about design and sustainability.
Apple recently released an update via iOS 9 that will permanently disable your phone if it was repaired by anyone other than Apple, including the Restart Center and other independent repair shops. If you had your phone recently repaired by a non-Apple tech, your phone will continue to work if you do not update to iOS 9.
We’re waiting for more information, but for know we know:
  • The phone will display Error 53 after update and Apple will not repair the phone.
  • This is currently limited to iPhone 6 and 6s.
  • It is more common when the home button has been replaced or the home button cable.
  • We don’t know if the issue will start to occur in other versions of the iPhone, so we will temporarily suspend iPhone repairs until we have more information. 

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