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Aware of the impact of technology on the earth and the people who occupy it, our IT department is striving to make ethical technology purchases for the 2,000+ members of our community. We will share our experiences, both with products and internal projects, as we attempt to reduce our environmental impact and support human rights throughout the supply chain.

Identity, Privacy & Privilege: Using Data to Discuss Systemic Racism

We’ve been working on a framework for a computer science curriculum grounded in global perspectives and multiple identities, with the ultimate goal of fostering ethical innovation. Our first activity to help students think about the intersection of privacy, identity, and data is a card game (available for available for remixing and reuse here). The game, which can be played in…


Middle School Restart Center Curriculum

Last year, we opened a Restart Center for our high school students, ages 14-18.  This year, we decided to extend our repair tutoring center into the middle school, with ages 11-14. We were able to reuse many lessons learned from our work with high school students, but we had to tweak our launch slightly to be developmentally appropriate and to align with…

Bulging battery from 2010 MacBook Pro

The Repair Process (Staff Workshop Recap)

Today we taught staff how to repair personal devices, with step by step instructions from diagnosis to installation. We’ve recapped the process below for participants and for others who are up for a repair adventure. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all potential issues and their solutions;  it is an orientation to the repair process itself. Identifying your product and…


Restart Center Workflow

After a few months of working with the Restart Center, we’ve really streamlined our workflow to minimize confusion, missed appointments, and manual work. The poster below helps inform students how to navigate the process. Notes about our workflow are included below so your Restart Center team can learn from our mistakes and successes. If you’d like copies of any of the forms…


Supply chains and solid state drives

With contributions from Jay McKay We’ve been looking at the supply chain information of various Solid State Drive manufacturers and have found at least two, Seagate and Micron/Crucial, who have actual data about their suppliers of conflict minerals. Samsung and SanDisk are also members of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition, which commits to fair trade practices, but their content was mostly aspirational.  We’ve…


A student journalist captures the student perspective of the Restart Center. (via Fieldston News)


Learn more about the organization that served as an inspiration for the Restart Centers, the Restart Project, and how we’re planning to expand the repair movement into other schools. (via the Restart Project)


And the winner is: iPhone!

…for the contest of  “highest total repairs by students” in the Restart Center. In our first month of launch, we’ve repaired 15 iPhones with students. We’ve run into bumps and lumps, and a lot of unwieldy cables, but the Restart Center is picking up steam. Check out our latest progress over at iFixit.  A few things we’ve learned through the flood…