Sustainable BYOD recommendations

With our new BYOD program, we’re using iFixit as a guide for device recommendations for parents and students. Although the new Macs are notoriously unfixable, we’ve recommended the best option available. Pasted below is the text we send to parents for BYOD recommendations. We linked directly to the MacBook Air due to confusion between the different models.


With an eye towards reparability and lifespan of the device (we use as a resource for judging ease of repair), we’ve included a recommendation in each category.
  • Apple laptop: We recommend a MacBook Air. If you do purchase a Macbook Air, make sure to get the maximum amount of RAM you can afford. The RAM is soldered to the motherboard and it is impossible to upgrade the RAM in the future. Avoid the MacBook and the MacBook Pro for 2015, both are notoriously difficult to repair.
  • Tablets: The Dell XPS 10 is much more repairable than a Microsoft Surface.
  • PC laptop: The Dell XPS 13, ASUS ZenBook or HP EliteBook
Although tech staff will not repair the devices for students, they will be on hand for support, training, and guidance in repairing their own devices. We strongly recommend insurance over a manufacturer’s warranty. Most of the repairs we see from students aren’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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